As if this place needs another reason to visit!



Saturdays 6 PM – 10 PM 

Nine winners, one every half hour. Selected winners will pick a mitten from our snowman for a chance to win $100 to $2,000 in cash! If a multiplier is selected first the winner will continue to choose mittens until a cash value is selected. If more than one multiplier mitten is selected, the mitten with the highest value will be used. Multipliers mittens are 2x, 3x and 4x. If a cash value mitten is selected first, that dollar amount will be awarded as cash.

For example if a 3x multiplier mitten is selected first, then a $400 cash value mitten - this will result in a $1,200 cash win! Earn one virtual ballot into the draws for every ten base points earned from 12:01 am to 9:45 pm that day.

See the Players Club Booth for details.