As if this place needs another reason to visit!


Rendezvous Days


10:00 am - Great Hall - Rendezvous Days Welcome and Arrival (Stone Bridge Singers)

4:00 pm - Bingo (Fire Hall Garage)

6:30 pm - Old Timers’ Softball Game (Women’s GP All Stars vs. Old Timers)

7:00 pm - Pow-Wow Warm Ups
                 Royalty Contest


8:00 am - Mixed Softball Tournament begins

9:00 am - Registration for 1 & 3 Mile Walk-Run (Grand Portage Health Services)

10:00 am - Flag Raising (Grand Portage Honor Guard)

10:30 am - Walk-Run begins

1:00 pm - Grand Entry Pow-Wow
Honoring of Grand Portage Veterans, Flag Raising

2:00 pm - Bingo (Fire Hall Garage)

3:30 pm - Honor Song for Vivian Carlson (all former Royalty are requested to attend)

5:00 pm - Men’s Horseshoe Tournament (Softball Field)
                 Hand Drum Contest

7:00 pm - Evening Grand Entry
                 Pow-Wow resumes


8:00 am - Mixed Softball Tournament resumes, Breakfast (Pow- Wow Grounds), Flag Raising (Grand Portage Honor Guard and Bois Forte)

10:00 am - Turkey Shoot (Blazes Pit)

1:00 pm - Grand Entry

2:00 pm - Bingo (Fire Hall Garage)

4:00 pm - Raffle drawing (Tickets $1) 1st prize – $599
                 2nd prize – $300
                 3rd–10th prize – $100


Grand Portage Veteran Tent will be open all weekend.

Grand Portage Community Center will be open for showers Saturday and Sunday 6:00 am to 10:00 am

Attention Drum Groups - All ceremony requests must be approved by Pow-Wow Committee prior to Grand Entry.

For information contact:
Pow-Wow & Vendors
Agatha Armstrong: (218) 475-2277

24-hour security provided. Not responsible for accidents or lost items. No drugs or alcohol permitted on Pow-Wow Grounds. No pets allowed on the Pow-Wow grounds. Schedule subject to change. No outside raffles.